Algorithms, Optimization and Simulation Group

Innovation and Research

The Algorithms, Optimization and Simulation Group is a research laboratory linked to the Department of Informatics, PUC-Rio whose main focus is the development and application of algorithmic methods for handling and analyzing large volumes of data and resource optimization medium and large systems. The lab members are encouraged to develop a strong expertise in quantitative methods, working with classical techniques of algorithm design, mathematical programming techniques and machine learning techniques.


What we do

Among the recent academic and industrial laboratory projects, stand out from the RC project (with the FAST-SearchandTransfer) aimed at automatically extracting relevant content of Web pages; the development of Web Collectors for scheduling policies (research sponsored by UOL); the project to develop algorithms for planning and operational problems and their construction processes, evolution and maintenance (sponsored by GAPSO); and the PRONAV project (sponsored by Petrobras) studying algorithms, based on previous project, to generate the movement of light products and dark along the coast of Brazil.

Further evidence of the quality of projects and research carried out by members Greyhounds are any publications that have been published in major scientific vehicles of areas of Computing and Operations Research, including, ACM Tois, SICOMP, Mathematical Programming, ACM Talg, WWW, IPCO, among others.

The Galgos also offers courses and consulting for companies.